When something goes wrong with the HVAC unit at my home, I have someone I call for help. He has all the knowledge and ability to repair and perform maintenance on the unit, but that’s not the main reason I call him. Of course, those things are important, but there’s something much more important to me. I trust this guy. He does what he says he is going to do. He is dependable. He is honest as well. One time, he made a minor mistake, but he owned up to it immediately. I would have no problem leaving him a key to my house for him to go in while I wasn’t there in order to complete a job.

A relationship with a person that is built on trust is special. I am fortunate to know several trustworthy individuals that I can count on for auto repair, home maintenance, roof repair, and other things.

Trust is priceless.

When I think about it, I have no problem paying a little more for services from people I trust. I cannot really place a price on it. The sense of security alone is invaluable. When I look at relationships with those around me that are not particularly related to business, I see the same thing.

Trust is like a magnet.

I want to be around those I trust. Trust pulls me in. I thrive around people I trust. I feel free to be myself in that type of company. I don’t feel the drive to watch my back. I can let my guard down.

Our trust will be violated at times.

Of course, there are those who are not trustworthy. There are those who betray our trust. When this happens, some automatic responses occur. We may get angry, depressed, and/or anxious. We may pull away from others. We may put up walls with no intention of letting anyone else in. The only thing that heals is trust. We need God and others to rely on. We must have those places where we can risk trusting again.

Trust heals and restores, but only with patience.

While we need to find those we can exercise trust with again, we must be careful, of course, to find the right person(s) to be around at those times. We may need to go back to “old faithful friends” in order to be built back up.

And for those of us who know a loved one whose trust has been violated, we also need to remember to take it slow. It cannot be rushed. Think about a dog who has been beaten and abused. You cannot expect it to just all of a sudden get over that and accept your attempts to feed and pet him. Nope. You must take your time earning the dog’s trust. You must be lovingly patient and expect to get snapped at sometimes. The reward comes slowly, but it is worth it.

At the center of it all is trust.    

Trust is a vitally important part of our lives. God has spent and continues to spend a great amount of energy and time earning our trust. He knows that for us to experience His grace and love, we must trust Him. While infinitely trustworthy, our experiences here on earth have often geared us to mistrust. He know this and He understands. He is patient and kind and gentle with us when we push away. He sends the right people at the right time as olive branches for us to grab ahold of. For those of us who are in the midst of hurt due to betrayal, or reaching out to someone who is, let us remember the courage, patience, love, care, and time that is necessary to kindle the trust that is needed to move forward.


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