I’d Rather Be Broken

I’d Rather Be Broken

I’d Rather Be Broken

I’d rather be broken

Than to fake my way through

The mask I’ve been wearing

Has worn nearly in two


For a time it felt good

To keep myself hidden

But now I must question

“Who have I been kidding?”


Those who know the real me

Have seen through the charade

The only one I seemed destined to fool

Was the one casting the masquerade


As for the depth of pain and shame

There are no words to convey

But there’s something much worse

Acting like I’m okay


My heart was once bold and free

But that came with a cost

I long for a return to that reality

Even if it calls for another great loss


So here’s to shattering the mask

And being who I really am

Even if that isn’t pleasant

Its real, and all a part of His plan

– Neil

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