Knowing God Can be Scary

When I was young, I was terrified of God. That may sound foreign to some reading this, but what I knew and understood about Him ignited a deep fear that plagued me for many years. My fear was not always obvious. It did not simply show itself as me constantly crouching in a corner of my…

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Five Relationship Killers

I had a good friend contact me this week with a question. She asked, “What did BP GAS stand for?”, referring to a conversation we had a while back. I laughed because I knew exactly what she was referring to. Years ago, I came up with an acronym to help me remember five things that are…

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Upcoming Announcement…Please Read!

I briefly mentioned several weeks ago on my Facebook page that I would be making an announcement soon. There are only a few more things that must fall into place before I am able to share with you what I am so excited about. It’s been a long and bumpy path to get this far, but we’re very close….

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