Strategy, Rules, and Love

I have known and been exposed to the Bible my whole life. Growing up in what is referred to as “the Bible belt” and having parents that wanted to introduce me to the God they knew, it was kind of hard for it not to be in some way. I do not say this to be…

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Performing Well

I remember when I was in high school, I was chosen to compete for a scholarship to one of the universities I was considering attending. I was extremely nervous when I arrived at the place where they would be conducting an interview. Through this interview process, they would eliminate the majority of the nominees. When…

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Pulling Away for Some “ME-time”

Time alone is important to me. Without it, I am not myself. If I go a few days without taking time to decompress, I get agitated, anxious, and exhausted. Some of us tend to recharge our batteries with alone time, like me. Others are invigorated by being around others. My son is a good example….

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