One of Those Mornings

I woke up this morning to a fight. It does not have to be a fight, but I chose for it to be. I could simply give in, but it will cost me something if I do. If I wave the white flag on this one, I will slide further into depression. We all have signs…

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Failure Must Be An Option

I do not like to mess anything up. When presented with a decision, I do not want to make “the wrong one”. I do not like to get to a certain point in putting a new item together and realize I missed a step. I do not like to misspeak when talking with someone. I do not…

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The Whole Story

While a friend told me some exciting news about something that had happened in her life, I was carefully listening and taking it all in. When she finished, she looked disappointed. She said, “I thought you’d be more excited and happy for me.” She had taken a big step in her life, and my expression…

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