The One Thing that Builds Trust

Trust comes easier for some than others. I am one who is slow to trust. It is such a risk to trust, I often put the sole burden on others to prove themselves trustworthy first. While this proves to protect me in some ways, in other ways it prevents me from cultivating relationships with others. My son tends to…

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I Want Money

In our society, printed pieces of paper and small pieces of metal represent something important to us. They are representative of our hard work. The majority of us value work ethic. Even our greetings hint at this. I bet I have heard this phrase thousands of times in my life when greeted by someone: “Hey, you…

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The View Matters

When I think of the beach, I think of scenes like the picture I have included with this blog post. I think most people prefer a room with a view of the beach rather than the parking lot or the dumpsters. Likewise, when I actually go out on to the beach, I like to have…

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Prayer is Not Pointless

After listening to a very cool discussion this morning, I have been pondering a difficult struggle that I have had, off and on, for many years. Prayer, in many ways, has been a profound mystery to me. In a way, I believe this has been good to wrestle with. I am usually in much worse…

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The Most Wonderful, or Difficult, Time of the Year

Christmas is a time of year that most of us view as a time for excitement, happiness, and peace. Of course, it is a time we can meditate on the birth of Christ and all that it means. For many of us, it is also time of high expectations. It is very difficult to avoid…

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