I’m Not Okay

In my role as a counselor, I share a lot about myself. For the counseling office to be a safe place to open up and deal with difficult issues, it is important for it NOT to be a one-way street in which I get to know the client, but the client does not get to know…

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Treating the Symptoms

In the medical world, there seems to be two vastly different approaches to treating patients (if there are more I have missed, please forgive me). One is focused on simply making the patient feel better as quickly as possible. This approach targets the symptoms that are bothering the patient and attempts to alleviate them. The…

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Being Still

I am not a talented singer or musician, but I love listening to music. I remember my love of music beginning sometime during middle school. That’s when I began accumulating cassette tapes and then CD’s of my own (insert old person joke here). I found that I enjoyed how I could escape in it. Sometimes I would truly connect…

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