When it comes to relationships, we often engage in a “push-pull game” with each other that keeps us from experiencing the intimacy we want. The “push” part of the game is performed by some of us who tend to work harder to make it work, exhausting ourselves with the frustrating work involved. Then there are…

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Making Decisions

There have been many times in my life that I was facing a major decision and simply did not know what to do. Frustration would well up in me as the deadline approached. I would think, or even yell out loud, “God, why will you not just tell me what You want me to do!”. Googling His…

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Tell Me What to Do!

When people come to see me for counsel, regardless of the reason, there is one question that almost always comes up at some point: “What should I do?”. When we have been rejected by a friend or family member, we want to know what we must do to earn their acceptance again. When we are…

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