Technical Problems With Contact Page

There have been some issues with the contact form on my website. I am not sure how long this was an issue before it was brought to my attention. My website guru has corrected the problem. If you have used the contact form in the past and received no response, please try again or send…

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I’m Proud of You Son!

This past weekend I experienced one of the coolest moments in my life. Late Saturday morning, I stood at the finish line of the North Carolina 2A Mid East Regional Cross Country Championship. I was looking for my son to round the final curve. The first few guys ran by. Then I noticed another coming around the curve….

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Making Everyone Happy

Over the past several years, I have discovered a tendency that can rob me of any joy whatsoever in interacting with others. It’s called “people-pleasing”. I honestly never thought I would find myself in the position to write this post from personal experience. As self-centered as I have been at times in my life, one…

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The Latest Gossip on Jesus

Have you ever noticed how stories change as they are passed down from person to person? Even in the little game many of us played as children in which you sit in a circle and pass a story around, by the time the story gets to the last person, it is often completely different than what…

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Giving Away What You Have Been Given

While walking one day, two men encountered a man begging for money. This man had been unable to walk his entire life and, actually, had to be carried to and left at places that others might see him and be inclined to offer financial help. These two men did not have what he was looking…

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