Do You Ever Think About Running Away?

Years ago, I consistently lived life with what may seem to be a strange motto: “I don’t care”. The pressures of life were increasing at the time. Fears I had not experienced before were popping up all over the place. I was faced with decisions that would affect people and things in my life in…

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We Need More Than “Small Talk”

Being in the counseling ministry now for seven years, one of the stigmas I have found attached to counseling is that it includes a therapist in a nice, comfortable chair and a “patient” on a couch. The therapist often is eating a sandwich, repeatedly saying “hmmm” and “oh, how did that make you feel?”. Although there are counseling techniques,…

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One Month In…

An update… It has been a little over a month since the initial step to launch the new website and announce some things I believe God is calling me into. I appreciate the support I have received, whether it has been through prayers, referrals, reading the blog, or otherwise. I have received a number of phone calls and…

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A Remedy for Rejection

Rejection is a difficult thing. Even for those of us who claim “I don’t need anybody anyway!”, deep down, it hurts really bad when we find out others have left us out, said negative things about us behind our backs, or even just pulled away discreetly without saying much. The anger and tears at those times are both indicators…

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Finding Sea Glass

My mother-in-law recently discovered a hobby she thoroughly enjoys: finding and collecting sea glass. She takes short or, sometimes, long walks down the beach, scanning the sand for these little treasures that are hidden amongst all the shells, rocks, and other things you typically find on a beach. Sea glass is regular broken glass that has been weathered by the ocean…

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