Kids are Good Enough for Jesus

A discussion with a friend through email the other day led to tears for me. Of course, thankfully, this was easy to hide from a friend on the other side of cyberspace. It started with a question, a theological one that was concerning her. It was a good question, and I had a lot to…

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Being Trustworthy

Understanding the importance of being a safe place for others that come to me for counseling, I watch for the evidence of trustworthiness in my life. I look to see if I am being real, being vulnerable and willing to share my heart, being honest, being humble, being selfless, being a safe place for others, and other important indicators of a person…

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A Quick Look at Temperament Testing

With the launch of this website, one of my hopes is to provide more information about what kind of counseling services I offer. One of the tools I have been using for years now is something called the “Arno Profile System”, which is a particular kind of “Temperament Testing”. Here’s a short rundown on this…

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Welcome to neilmclamb.com

Thanks to the work of my good friend, Garrett Barker, I now have a new website. First of all, you will notice that my blog is now fully integrated into the website. From now on, I will make my posts directly to neilmclamb.com. All of my former posts have been copied over so you have the option…

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