From the Head to the Heart

As a counselor, I take the act of reading God’s Word seriously. Now, don’t take this to mean that I never have periods of time that I don’t delve into it on a regular basis. I’m not going into a guilt-ridden post here to try to make me or anyone reading this strive for more…

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God’s Not Obligated

Several weeks ago, in talking with someone, I realized a false view of God that has plagued me. I have been planning on writing about it and sharing it here ever since. Today’s the day. It’s easy to get caught up in religious behavior, as I have written about here before. In religious circles, we…

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Get Me Out of the Way

Sitting here this morning, engaging in some much needed quiet time to myself, I have been reminded once again of the necessity to surrender my own efforts in order to allow God to work through me. “God does not want us to work FOR him, to witness FOR him, to live FOR him. He wants…

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